Friday, July 2, 2010

The Gint-a-Cuffs Begins: N43 & Packs 1-3

I was trying to wait as long as possible to do this, so I could savor it. 1:08 PM. I can't wait any longer, but I'm only going to open the packs I mentioned.

Here's the N43:
Holy Crap! If this in any indication, my box should be absolutely amazing.
N43 Autograph of Ian Kinsler 12/15. (+30)
Aww, too bad he isn't on the favorite player list! This is a very nice looking card. I love the blue ink and Ian has a legible signature at least. Being hand numbered is also a bonus in my books. The hand on the bottom right reaching for the baseballs is a little odd, though.

Okay, it's 1:15 now, haha. Time to open the next few packs.

Pack #1:
#11 Wade Davis
#297 Isaac Newton
#45 Justin Verlander
#111 Josh Willingham
#123 Mariano Rivera (-1 Yankee)
#329 Troy Glaus  (+2 SP)
(This cards look much better in person, as many of you know. My scanner is on the way out the door, so I'm lucky I at least get an image. The background color on these cards is a light green. You can kinda see it on the Kinsler above)

#262 Zack Greinke Mini
#TDH60 This Day in History: Roy Halladay (+1, +2 Favorite Player List)

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Pack #1 Total: 4pts.
Total: 34 pts.

Pack #2:
#165 Nick Jacoby (+1 '09 Code Cracker)

#254 Rich Harden
#190 Randy Wolf
#26 Andy Pettitte (-1 Yankee)
#198 A.J. Pierzynski (-1 Because)
#65 Andre Ethier
#WGWS4 World's Greatest Wordsmiths Miguel de Cervantes (+4)

#TDH73 Ian Kinsler (+1)

Pack #2 Total: 4 pts.
Total: 38 pts.

Pack #3:
#264 Captain Nemo
#83 David Wright (+2 Favorite Player List)
(This is the only horizontal card I've gotten so far, but they look really nice. They add a bit of a variety to the set.)

#220 Manny Ramirez
#164 Kyle Blanks
#69 Clay Buchholz (+1 Favorite Team)
( I like Clay. He's finally pitching to his capabilities, and is having an All-Star year to show for it. I hope he makes the team.)

#348 Asdrubal Cabrera (+2 SP)

#252 Matt Garza Mini
#TDH38 Jim Thome (+1)

Pack #3 Total: 6pts.
Total: 44 pts.

Not to bad so far. The Kinsler auto was a cool surprise. I hope I can keep this going!


  1. Wowwowie wow-wow! What a GREAT auto!! You are going along great with your box so far! I can't wait to see what else ya get! Maybe we could work out a trade (for any Indians and Thome cards). :-)

  2. Thank you! :D Yeah, oh course. I'd love to trade!

  3. Nice pulls Kelly. I just found your blog and really like it.

  4. What a way to start Gint-A-Cuffs!!

    I will be checking back to see what I am up against.