Tuesday, November 29, 2011


To be honest, I have forgotten about my blog. This is due to multiple factors.
1. School has been so busy for me, but the semester is almost over! I'll soon have a month to catch up.
2. I didn't have my main email address connected to this account. I always forget to check that email and end up falling behind on trades. I've changed that now. My main email is now connected so all of you will be able to contact me much easier and faster.

I know this hasn't been much of a blog for the past couple of months. I really hope to change it. It's not going to be all about baseball cards, though. I want it to be about other things, too! Haha, basically it will be 50% baseball and trading and 50% whatever is on my mind at the time.

Please contact me through my changed email address, and let's make a trade!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Email From Tim

Hey Guys,
Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been very busy with school.
I got an email from blog reader Tim asking me to share this link on my blog.
Here it is: http://www.bestonlinecolleges.com/blog/2011/10-worst-mvp-snubs-in-baseball-history/
It's a good read so check it out!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's Trade.

I know I haven't been posting on a regular basis, but I've been keeping up with the trades!
Leave a comment or send an email if you'd like to make one.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I love Josh Beckett. I've always stuck by him through his good and bad years. He's having an amazing 2011 so far, but with only 9 wins to show for it. All the other Sox starters get at least 5+ runs a game of support with some getting 6. Beckett meanwhile gets just over 3. It just goes to show that winning is a team effort. Pitching is obviously important but you need the offense to help you out in order to get that W. Sabathia has 16 wins this year, pretty much getting a W or at least a decision every 5 days. (Beckett has 8 no-decisions. Most of those went into extras.)

It's interesting that he's gone head to head against Beckett 3 times this year. The record: 3-0 to Beckett. When voting for the Cy Young comes along, do you think the writers will take into account this factor? Probably not. Of course, there are other guys who definitely deserve the award like Weaver and Verlander.

Now I just had a thought. Is it possible for Beckett or Ellsbury for that matter to get consideration for Comeback player of the Year? Beckett had a 5.78 ERA with a 6-6 Record in an injury plagued year. He currently has a 2.20 ERA and was named an AL All-Star. Jacoby only appeared in 18 games last year and now has that number in the home run column. Ells was named to his first All-Star Game and is having a career year.

(I really need to get my Josh Beckett card collection posted on here soon!)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Allen and Ginter?

Hey guys,
Just got back from vacation and trying to catch up on things. I'm debating whether or not I should purchase a box of A&G or concentrate on my current sets.

What do people think of the 2011 A&G? Maybe your suggestions and comments will help me decide. Let me know!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Congratulations to Adrian Gonzalez, David Ortiz, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Josh Beckett for making the 2011 All-Star Team. I feel that all four players are very deserving of the honor. This will be Adrian's 4th, Papi's 7th, Josh's 3rd and Jacoby's first time as an All-Star.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just some quick thoughts before bed.

This probably isn't the best time to be posting this considering the Sox have lost four in a row to the Padres and Pirates, but this is just really bothering me.

There is a guy I work with who considers himself a huge Red Sox fan. All he does is complain about the team, the city, and the ballpark. According to him, Fenway should be literally blown up because the seats aren't comfortable. The ballpark is almost 100 years old. Obviously, it's not gonna be as great as the new Yankee Stadium, which he absolutely loves. If you're a true fan, you should appreciate the history Fenway holds and all the greats that have made history there. He hasn't even been to Fenway in seven years so my co-worker hasn't seen the renovations yet.

Also, in his eyes, Terry Francona is the worst manager in the league. He gave no legitimate reasons why, but just because. Who knows if we would have 2 World Series titles under a different manager, but obviously he doesn't care about the titles we've won under Francona and the 86 year drought he ended. It's possible that a different manager could have done the same thing, but we did it under Francona. The Red Sox have had success under him, so why is he the worst manager in baseball? Go figure.

Let's hope for a win in Pittsburgh tomorrow. Then it's off to Phillie. Josh Beckett vs. Cliff Lee on Tuesday. That should be a great match-up! Beckett has been one of, if not the best pitcher in the American League this year. (Also, he has hit two home runs with the Red Sox. Both of them coming at Citizens Bank Ballpark.)