Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stuck in the 70's.

I told myself I would only unlock 1 Topps Million Card Giveaway Card.

Blegh. It looks like this card was made on paint. Unsatisfied, I decided to unlock another card...

1977 Topps. Much better. Sweet uniform.

I ended up unlocking all ten cards out of the jumbo. 8/10 cards were from the 70's. The other two from the 80's. Not too shabby.

Can anyway one say "ugliest uniform ever?!" I find it hard to believe that the players actually agreed to wear these things. They must have secretly been paid extra. Yuck.

So all together, I received 1 from 1970. 2 from 1971. 1 from 1975. 4 from 1977. 1 from 1981. 1 from 1984.

My post on the jumbo box break isn't ready yet. However, I can give away a few hints.
*Yankee Hat Logo Card.
*Yankee game used. It's pretty cool...there's actually dirt on the swatch. (I'm excited over dirt? Kinda pathetic, but at least you know it was actually used.)
*2009 Rookie of the Year auto. Not saying which league just yet.
*black border parallel of an Astro.
*got the entire base set with a nice chunk of extras.
*Red Hot Rookie #5
Promise it will be ready for tomorrow!

(Why do I always pull Yankee-related relics?!)


Hey everyone,
I know I have been posting inconsistently. That will change now that I'm done with school for the next three months. Graduation was this past Friday and I had an extremely busy school-related week. I didn't even have time to open my jumbo box of 2010 Topps Series II until last night. (It came Wednesday.) I'll post about the box after I get home from work. (9-3 shift)
Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 7, 2010

4 Random Packs.

So I was driving around today and needed to stop in at Target. Passing by the card aisle, I decided to take a gander. I ended up getting four packs of cards. 2010 National Chicle. 2009-10 Champ's Hockey. 2008 Stadium Club. 2010 Topps Heritage. I felt the urge to get a variety, so let's open 'em up!

First the Chicle:
Haha, wow. Good thing I just realized I got the football ones. I didn't even know they made football Chicle. I need to learn how to pay attention better.
Anyway, here they are:
C124 T.J. Houshmandzadeh.
C141 Clinton Portis.

C122 Hakeem Nicks.
C191 Steve Slaton.

Youngsters of the Gridiron YG-9 Kevin Smith.
C172 DeSean Jackson.
These are all for trade, since I don't collect football. They're pretty nice, though. (it's actually from 2009)

Champ's Hockey:
#15 Miikka Kiprusoff

#322 Kris Versteeg Mini
#98 Alexander Semin
#47 Sheldon Souray

Stadium Club:
#115 Brandon Boggs
#68 Gary Sheffield

#11 David Ortiz
#104 Gergor Blanco
#45 Josh Beckett First Day Issue
That's a rarity. Two Red Sox cards in a pack, not to mention a Josh Beckett Card I don't have! Nice. I really like the look of the Gary Sheffield Card as well.

#110 Willy Taveras
#176 Howie Kendrick
#96 Randy Johnson

#37 Curtis Granderson
#314 "Han-Ram and Longo"

#85 Jeremy Guthrie
#292 Jhoulys Chacin
#346 Akinori Iwamura
Security Card.
Ehh, nothing too special. These cards are all available for trade as well.
So there you have it. Four random packs from Target.