Thursday, July 22, 2010

Packs 4-6.

Sorry it took so long for me to post the next few packs. I finally got my scanner to work properly.

Pack #4:
#73 Avery Jenkins
#63 Matt Carson
#299 Robinson Cano (-1 Yankee)
#166 Chris Tillman
#296 Barry Zito
#118 Eric Young Jr.
#93 Brandon Inge Mini A&G back (+2)

#TDH28 Jose Reyes (+1)

Pack #4 Total: 2pt.
Total: 46pts.

Pack #5:
#192 Tom Knapp
#257 Ervin Santana
#122 Yadier Molina
#169 Felix Hernandez
#141 Matt Cain
#328 Jered Weaver (+2 SP)

#66 Orlando Hudson Mini Black Border (+3)

#TDH30 Hideki Matsui (+1)

Pack #5 Total: 6pts.
Total: 52pts.

Pack #6:
#232 Hubertus "Master of Hellfire" Wawra
#140 Brandon Allen
#267 Martin Prado
#36 Victor Martinez (+1 Favorite Team)

#276 Daniel Runzler
#AGHS11 Andre Ethier Baseball Highlight Sketches (+3)

#MM5 Mosters of the Mesozoic: Allosaurus (+3)

#TDH21 Magglio Ordonez (+1)

Pack #6 Total: 8pts.
Total: 60pts.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I have my first box of Allen & Ginter all scored. I just need to scan the necessary cards and add them to the posts. (I wish my scanner would cooperate once in a while!) I don't know if my final score is good or not, as there isn't much to compare it to yet. However, I have a feeling that this box is better than my second one even though I haven't officially tallied up all the points for box 2 yet. Could be wrong, though. We'll just have to wait and see!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Gint-a-Cuffs Begins: N43 & Packs 1-3

I was trying to wait as long as possible to do this, so I could savor it. 1:08 PM. I can't wait any longer, but I'm only going to open the packs I mentioned.

Here's the N43:
Holy Crap! If this in any indication, my box should be absolutely amazing.
N43 Autograph of Ian Kinsler 12/15. (+30)
Aww, too bad he isn't on the favorite player list! This is a very nice looking card. I love the blue ink and Ian has a legible signature at least. Being hand numbered is also a bonus in my books. The hand on the bottom right reaching for the baseballs is a little odd, though.

Okay, it's 1:15 now, haha. Time to open the next few packs.

Pack #1:
#11 Wade Davis
#297 Isaac Newton
#45 Justin Verlander
#111 Josh Willingham
#123 Mariano Rivera (-1 Yankee)
#329 Troy Glaus  (+2 SP)
(This cards look much better in person, as many of you know. My scanner is on the way out the door, so I'm lucky I at least get an image. The background color on these cards is a light green. You can kinda see it on the Kinsler above)

#262 Zack Greinke Mini
#TDH60 This Day in History: Roy Halladay (+1, +2 Favorite Player List)

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Pack #1 Total: 4pts.
Total: 34 pts.

Pack #2:
#165 Nick Jacoby (+1 '09 Code Cracker)

#254 Rich Harden
#190 Randy Wolf
#26 Andy Pettitte (-1 Yankee)
#198 A.J. Pierzynski (-1 Because)
#65 Andre Ethier
#WGWS4 World's Greatest Wordsmiths Miguel de Cervantes (+4)

#TDH73 Ian Kinsler (+1)

Pack #2 Total: 4 pts.
Total: 38 pts.

Pack #3:
#264 Captain Nemo
#83 David Wright (+2 Favorite Player List)
(This is the only horizontal card I've gotten so far, but they look really nice. They add a bit of a variety to the set.)

#220 Manny Ramirez
#164 Kyle Blanks
#69 Clay Buchholz (+1 Favorite Team)
( I like Clay. He's finally pitching to his capabilities, and is having an All-Star year to show for it. I hope he makes the team.)

#348 Asdrubal Cabrera (+2 SP)

#252 Matt Garza Mini
#TDH38 Jim Thome (+1)

Pack #3 Total: 6pts.
Total: 44 pts.

Not to bad so far. The Kinsler auto was a cool surprise. I hope I can keep this going!

Arriving Packages

is the greatest, especially when I forgot what I ordered. (I knew was getting two boxes of A&G, but I forgot that I threw in a box of Chicle)

Due to my impatience, I have already opened the box of Chicle. It provided me with many doubles, but also knocked off a good chuck of cards from my wantlist.

I got another Brent Dlugach autograph, of course.
But this autograph makes up for the dupe...

This is my second Andrew Bailey auto this year, the other coming from Topps Series II.

I also pulled this nice relic of Ozzie. Unlike the Teixeira I pulled, this one is numbered... (98/199)

You've already seen plenty of base cards, I'm sure. I felt like I had to scan this Gehrig card, though. Some of my girlishness is showing through when I say this card is absolutely beautiful. The black background makes Lou glow. This card was also done by Jason Davies, my favorite artist from the National Chicle set. This card really stands out from the set to me: