Sunday, September 5, 2010

Relaxing end to a busy week.

Wow, talk about a busy week!
I started college and got my license, not to mention I'm in the process of redoing my room. I'm trying to keep up with this blog as well as trades, but failed.
I wish I hadn't missed the end of the Gint-a-Cuffs, but I wouldn't have won anyway. I think I'll still post some of my favorite cards from the two boxes at some point.

I don't wanna think about this, but I must be realistic. My Red Sox won't be going to the playoffs this year. I'll still be keeping up with them though as I am not a bangwagon fan. My college has organized a trip to Fenway to see the Sox play the Jays at the end of September. I hope to purchace tickets. Only $15! I'm assuming they're bleacher seats, but I've always wanted to see the view from there.

In case you are wondering who I'll be rooting for coming the postseason, my top choice is the Cincinnati Reds.(Unless the Sox pull off a miricle, of course) If they fail to go all the way, I'll then be rooting for the Braves. Sorry Yankees/Rays fans, but I will not root for the teams that finish ahead of the Sox!

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!
Best Wishes,


  1. Haha, I forgot about Gint-A-Cuffs! Congrats on starting college and getting settled in!!

  2. How can you not like the Twins?!