Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How does one aquire a favorite player? Part II

Dennis Eckersley: Eck is an analyst for NESN. Last year, he filled in for Remy and I think he did a great job. His vocabulary is quite unique, even amongst baseball standards. (Hairy cheese with gas...or salad. How often do you hear that when someone is analyzing baseball?) During his first stint with the Red Sox, Eckersley had a drinking problem to the point where he became an alcoholic. He had a very troubled life at such a young age, but through the support of his second wife he was able to overcome his problems. It shows that even athletes and superstars deal with the same issues as everyday people, but also the fact that these issues can be conquered. This, along with his work for NESN sparked my curiousity in his baseball career. I knew he was a HOF'er, but that's it. I soon learned he threw a no hitter with Cleveland; was a starter with the Red Sox; became a dominant closer with the A's and enjoyed a long and successful career. He just seemed like an interesting guy to collect. (His hair, mustache, and delivery also played a roll in my decision.)

Miguel Cabrera: When people talk about the best players in baseball, they immediately think of Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Roy Halladay, Ichiro. I never hear anyone mention Miguel Cabrera. His stats are just as good as these guys and he's still very young. Cabrera has been completely overlooked since he joined the Tigers for the 2008 Season. 2010 gave him his first All Star selection in the AL, but the vote wasn't even by the fans. No one ever mentions what he did with the Marlins. He made his debut in 2003 and helped the team beat the Yankees in the Fall Classic. He's had problems in the past with his weight and more recently with alcohol but Cabrera has recognized his problem and has since gone to rehab for it. I just wanna give the guy a little love. He deserves it. I'd give him a 1st place vote on this year's AL MVP ballot. (.333AVG, 110RBI, 33HR, 83BB with 29 being intentional, a .428OBP and .624SLG)

*I also collect Jerry Remy, but I have most if not all of his cards. When I see a good Sean Casey card, I'll pick it up. He's such an easy going guy and I really enjoyed watching him play with the 08 Sox. There was some really funny moments that involved Casey. Chris Iannetta is another guy I have interest in. He's a local guy from New England and has plently of potential. He just needs to take advantage of it. Perhaps a change of scenery would do Iannetta some good.

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  1. Eck's a good choice. I always liked him and I saw him pitch at Fenway (he started the game).