Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Pirate Ship is Real.

Hey Everyone,
Saturday night I went to the Sox/Jays game with my college. We had an amazing time even though the Sox lost. I'm not on very good terms with Ryan Kalish at the moment. He got picked off in the 9th inning right before Victor Martinez hit a triple that would have tied the game.

Anyway, I had my first experience in the bleachers. We were right by the NESN sign by the "triangle" in center field. Since we got there around 5, my friend and I had the privilege of watching the Jays' batting practice. Homeruns came to either side of us or fell just short and landed in the Red Sox bullpen. We stood at the bullpen until the game started. This was a good thing considering people started filling in around us wanting to see Beckett warm up.

There is a Jolly Roger flag mounted on the bullpen wall. The pitchers are introduced with music from Pirates of the Caribbean. Their pet "parrot" comes along with the pitchers are rests in front of the flag. Do other teams doing anything like that?

The September 18th game was my 9th time seeing the Sox and first seeing Beckett. It was such a different experience to be just feet away from him. A fastball has such a unique sound, and it was crazy to hear it whiz by my head.

Here are some pictures from the game. Enjoy!

this picture of jarrod was an accident, but i love it!

you can see the path of the baseball on the bottom left.


  1. awesome pics! I need to get to a Twins game badly this year at the new Target Field. I got too complacent this summer and all of a sudden the season is pretty much over and cant get to a regular season game. Hopefully i get drawn so i can buy some post-season tix.

  2. The pics make me feel like I was there. Thanks!

  3. thanks everyone!

    post season games are a lot of fun. hopefully you get some!