Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hey everyone,
Sorry I'm just getting around to post this now...

Back in the beginning of June, I went to Baltimore with my Dad to see two Red Sox games. We had a great time. The first game we had seats on the 3rd base side. Those were my favorite. Clay Buchholz pitched a complete game shutout and we saw Adrian Beltre take out Jeremy Hermida. (He's having a great year, but needs to stop personally injuring our depleted outfield!) The second game we had seats on the 1st base side. These were closer to the field but farther from home plate. This game was amusing in many ways. The Sox won of course, with Jon Lester pitching 7 shutout innings. Daniel Bard got into the game, and I love Daniel Bard! There was an Orioles family sitting behind us who trashed their team the whole entire night. In front of us, there was an elderly woman who was a Red Sox fan and a 20+ year old guy who was an Orioles fan. They trashed each other the whole game and that was hysterical. Here are some pictures I took around the city and at the games:
I'd like to know why people tried to steal this statue? Not exactly easy to hide. There were a lot of Phillies fans at the game. There was also a Yankee fan sitting a few seats away, but he left in the 2nd inning.
Daniel Bard had a Red Bull hidden in his glove. 
Great bulletin in front of an old church. Fort McHenry, where the Star Spangled Banner was written. 

The grave of Edgar Allan Poe. Pretty creepy cemetery. Almost all of the graves were above ground in tombs. We went to Lexington Market, they had some pretty interesting things for sale. This "Salmon Graveyard" made me laugh.

Julio Lugo doesn't look like a very happy camper. Jon Lester in his windup. 

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