Monday, June 7, 2010

Yankees Galore.

Hi everyone, I have plenty to talk about. First things first, my 2010 Topps Series II Jumbo Box.
Here's what I got:
*entire base set.
*plenty of let's do some trading!

*Johnny Mize Hat Logo Patch.
*Phil Hughes relic. Dirt included. (It's more obvious in real life than in the scan)
*Andrew Bailey Autograph.
*Michael Bourn Black Border Parallel.
*Red Hot Rookie #5

Overall, I enjoyed opening this box. It's always nice to get a complete set in one shot. I've been debating with myself since Series I came out whether or not I should collect all of the inserts. In some ways I want to because I like having the complete set but there are some inserts that are just plain ugly or don't have a purpose. I hate ToppsTown. Luckily, they got rid of it in Series II but replaced it with Attax cards. ...Not collecting those. Another unnecessary insert is the Peak Performance. There are way too many of them! Some of the inserts could potentially grow on me. For example, the 2020 inserts are kinda odd but I think I like them. My favorite, though, is The Cards Your Mother Threw Out. The concept is really cool.

The base cards have really nice photography once again. However, the foil names on Series II seem to be much harder to read than the ones printed on Series I. Is it just me, or do others feel the same way?

Can anyone see what's wrong with this particular base card? It's been photoshopped, of course. However, I think they did a bad job with it. Can you see why I think so? 


I recently completed a trade with Jeremy Scott. He knocked plenty of cards off my want list as well as sending me some surprise Red Sox cards. Didn't expect that, but thanks a bunch. It was fun trading with Jeremy, and everyone should keep him in mind if you ever want to trade. Thanks!


  1. I haven't found any series two cards here yet. I'm patiently waiting. I'm going to have to try and locate that Yogi Berra card. That's one of the best Turkey Reds I've seen in a while. I can't believe you pulled all those Yankee cards.Funny.

    Glad you liked the cards I sent, I was pretty sure you didn't have those older cards so I just threw them in. Thanks for trading!

  2. Man, I am usually very good at the Photoshop Disaster thing, but I'm missing it here!

  3. Casey Kotchman is in a Mariners road uniform. That's Jacoby Ellsbury in the background and other Sox at Yankee Stadium. I feel that Topps was lazy in picking a picture to photoshop for Kotchman. Haha, they probably didn't even think about it at all!