Friday, July 2, 2010

Arriving Packages

is the greatest, especially when I forgot what I ordered. (I knew was getting two boxes of A&G, but I forgot that I threw in a box of Chicle)

Due to my impatience, I have already opened the box of Chicle. It provided me with many doubles, but also knocked off a good chuck of cards from my wantlist.

I got another Brent Dlugach autograph, of course.
But this autograph makes up for the dupe...

This is my second Andrew Bailey auto this year, the other coming from Topps Series II.

I also pulled this nice relic of Ozzie. Unlike the Teixeira I pulled, this one is numbered... (98/199)

You've already seen plenty of base cards, I'm sure. I felt like I had to scan this Gehrig card, though. Some of my girlishness is showing through when I say this card is absolutely beautiful. The black background makes Lou glow. This card was also done by Jason Davies, my favorite artist from the National Chicle set. This card really stands out from the set to me:

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