Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We had a great time at Fenway Monday night. It only rained for about 10 minutes or so during the game and they were able to start on time. John Lackey pitched well although he still managed to cough up the lead at least once, haha. Anyway, here are some pictures I took throughout the game...

pretty good band. 

i'm trying to figure out which pitcher this is... (*update: this is chris seddon, a rookie with a dora the explorer backpack. thanks Mariner1!)

ichiro struck out to begin the game.

marco scutaro drove in 4 runs.

first lead of the night. lackey lost it in the next inning.

j.d. drew.

pap's patented stare. 

a nice 6-3 win in 2.5 hours.


  1. I see that you were obviously sitting on the other side of the field from me. We were sitting in section 11. Fenway is an awesome park. It was worth the trip from Seattle to see it.

  2. Oh wow, how long were you in Boston? You definitely lucked out with the weather, especially coming all the way across the country!

  3. We were only there from Saturday until Tuesday. My family and I couldn't get over how nice a city it was. We made the trip as a 12th birthday present for my son. He has been to the old Yankee Stadium and now Fenway. Also if you were wondering, that is rookie Chris Seddon with the pink Dora backpack. It's one of those rookie hazing things. The bag has all the seeds, balls, and other goodies.

  4. Wow, that is such a great birthday present!

    Ahh, i see. Poor guy, haha. I guess it could have been worse.